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Victor A Ippolito

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04/07/17 01:25 PM #1    

J Richard Goldstein

I wish I could but I can’t say Vic and I were close friends but I always looked up to him.  I was always thrilled when he acknowledged me just by nodding or saying “Hello” as we passed in the halls. He was  a role model, an amazingly talented athlete, a student leader, and the the number one VIP of our class which had so many VIPs. It was only right that his girlfriend Patti Murphy was perhaps the sweetest girl in our class, a beautiful cheerleader, and that their marriage lasted a lifetime. It saddens me very much that he has passed. Our Class lost its titular leader, it’s King. I was happy to just carry his water.

04/09/17 09:44 PM #2    

Joseph B Swartz

My cousin, John Saveland, Shaker Class 1963, recently moved to San Diego.  He sent me the following message about Vic.  I though you might find it interesting.

Our adult Sunday school teacher is 75, a retired Young Life leader, and a lifelong San Diegan.  He started the class today by saying that this past week he had been at the deathbed of his best friend in San Diego, Vic Ippolito.  Vic had been a dentist in the area and Stan, the teacher, talked about all the good things that Vic had done in the community.

After class, I asked Stan if Vic had grown up in Cleveland.  “Yes”, he answered, “he was from Shaker Heights.”  Turns out that Vic’s father, who was the team doctor for the Shaker team, was also the team doctor for the Browns.  Vic used to talk with his friends and acquaintances about his Cleveland days – the Browns, the Cleveland Mob members, and other prominent (or notorious) Clevelanders he had run into.  Man, I’d have loved to have known him before, but I had no idea he was here.  He married the girl he started dating in 5th grade (they weren’t at Fernway, I’m pretty sure).  The family gets together all the time to talk about the Cleveland times.  A lot of them still live there.  I’ll have to get plugged into that group!

Vic went to dental school after football at Miami U and was drafted to be a Navy dentist in San Diego.  He decided to stay here after his hitch was up instead of returning to Cleveland.  (That’s not a decision I would have made, but tastes differ.)

It was such a great surprise to hear about Vic Ippolito, whom I never met but whose name I remember vividly, that I wanted to share it with you. 

04/10/17 09:40 AM #3    

Peter C. Brown

If anyone is in touch with Patty, it woudl be nice to know how she is holiding up.


06/17/17 07:58 AM #4    

Patricia Murphy (Ippolito)

My darling husband went to be with our Lord on April 5, 2017.  He died peacefully in his sleep and though very weak and thin this past year he had no pain and according to him was very contented. and at peace.  His kind, generous and loving heart simply gave out.  We were blessed he lasted over  a year considering the doctors  said it could be weeks or a few months.  It was a long wonderful good-bye.  He was the sweetest patient and still made us laugh  at unexpected time.  

For example, the night before he died my cousin, Mary (from Cleveland) was staying with us for a week, took him to our favorite  local deli in the wheelchair! He had a bolonga sandwich, chocolate phosphate,  chicken noodle soup, and a pickle.!  He loved every bite! 1.  We took home some desserts for later and after a few hours endulged.  Mary and I shared ours and when I asked Vic how was your dessert?  Vic said "It's  sucked"! We made the most of each day and are so grateful  for his gentle painless passing.

Personally my  heart aches more than I ever thought possible.  Grief truly sucks!!!! I know how blessed we were and I am so grateful for the extra 37 years God blessed us with after Vic's diagnosis of stage 3 cancer at 39 in 1980. Selfishly I wanted more.

Our lives friends and family have always been our priority and always will be.  .Thank you so much for the many kind cards. notes and e-mails many of your sent to me.  Our shared history at Shaker meant a great deal to both of us. Although  we are true San Diegan now,  we do miss you all and wish you continued health and happiness.

Hold your loved one close and "spoil" each other. laugh and love alot. make everyday count. Vic shared alot  about his youth in the last year.  Funny how that becomes more vivid again near the end.  Thanks for all the memories. 

God bless..


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