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05/01/14 09:48 AM #2    


Ian H Gordon

Sorry to hear of Bob Gould's passing. He always had a smile and a positive attitude. It took me 25 years after high school to catch up to his quality of life.

FYI: Spencer Shaefer died in an automobile accident at the age of 50. He was T-boned by another car. That would make his death in 1991 - for the "In Memory" page.

05/03/14 08:50 PM #3    

J Richard Goldstein

Bob was my closest friend throuhout high school and for many years after. I even invited him to work with me at the NJ State Department of Health when I was Commissioner. He did a great job but left for personal reasons - in 1985- and we drifted apart.  I went on with my life and we lost contact. He did not attend any of the reunions. So it came as a complete surprise that he passed in December, and reinforces how fragile our own lives are, that none of us are safe. But the closer it comes to home when someone close to us dies, the harder it is. I have missed Bob's sense of humor, his love of irony, his quick wit. He was a beautiful human being and i mourn his passing.

05/16/14 09:22 AM #4    

Anne E Bloomberg

Dear '59ers:

We hope that the photos being added will spur your enthusiasm to join us for our 55th Reunion this coming fall.  We look forward to seeing you in October.

Your Reunion Committee

Joanne (Cole) Adelman
Anne Bloomberg
Sue Brannan
Anita (Breen)Goldstein
Jim Friedman
Tina (Aaronson) Florman
Noreen( Koppelman) Goldstein
Tim Haber
Paula (Bodwell) Harvey
Ralph Karlovec
Sharon  (Silverthorne) Kraber
Harvey Kumin
Bonnie Lang
Bill Levine
Sheila (Komito) Levine
Harriet (Speyer) Libassi
Bill Marshall
Jane (Bradley) Novack
Mel Resnick
Sheila (Lasky) Rosenblum
Sandy (Katz) Rosenthal
Dennis Safier


06/02/14 10:28 PM #5    

Anne E Bloomberg

Thought that you all would want to know that Mr. Sanna has passed away:

I last spoke with him at our 50th Reunion and know how glad we all are that we was able to join us then.





10/07/14 07:32 PM #6    

Class Administrator

Hello Everyone From Dennis Safier

I have been involved with the Euclid Beach Carousel Committee as a board member. We are bringing the Euclid Beach Carousel back to Cleveland. it will be restored, up and running on November 22, 2014.

I thought that it would be a wonderful thing if the Class of 1959 had some sort of presence at the Carousel site at The Western Reserve Historical Society's carousel pavilion. The committee is selling several different donor opportunities including paver bricks and wall tiles.

They aren't very expensive and all we would need is $2, $3, $4 or $5 from any and all who wish to contribute.

It's so easy just drop some cash into an envelope and send it to me OR ANNE BLOOMBERG and we'll choose a legacy piece.

I can be reached at 917-456-6020, or just mail something to me at:

Dennis Safier
1881 Winchester Road
Lyndhurst, OH 44123

10/08/14 08:59 AM #7    

Martin A Spiegle

Great idea.  I'll be mailing $5 for either a brick or tile.  Sound like you are a busy boy!


Marty Spiegle

10/08/14 09:11 AM #8    

Bonnie F Lang

What a great idea!!! I loved Euclid Beach and the idea of perpetuating it is exciting. I directed a musical review at CCC-Eastern Campus in 1984, the theme of which was Euclid Beach. We had a rocket ship car, Laughing Sal and much other memorabilia. We were supposed to run for 3 weekends and, in fact, ran for more than 2 months!! We even had popcorn and ice cream. I'm in!!!

12/08/14 07:14 AM #9    

Class Administrator

The Carousel is now open to the public after several years of hard work raising money, building the building and restoring the horses and refurbishing the band organ. I want to invite you all to come and visit the Western Reserve Historical Society to see the carousel AND bring your grandchildren to ride.

Also, donations have reached a point where we have enough money for a small presence at the facility...BUT, just a few more contributions from those who may have forgotten to send in money and we can have ourselves a much larger legacy that the class of 1959 deserves.

So, come on, send in those contributions and put us over the top.

Dennis Safier
1881 Winchester Road
Lyndhurst, OH 44124

12/10/14 02:36 PM #10    

Bonnie F Lang

Seasons Greetings!

We are happily enjoying the 2014 Holiday Festivities! We're shopping, we're decorating, we're cooking! We're hanging up Mistletoe! We're spinning dreidels! We're having a wonderful time! And, we're certainly enjoying the music!

During this time of sharing and giving thanks, I hope you'll also join in remembering our good friend Reynold Ellis, our celebrated Choir Director from 1946-1973, as we honor him with The Reynold Ellis Raise Our Voice Fund!

A tax-deductible donation to The Reynold Ellis Raise Our Voice Fund c/o The Shaker Schools Foundation is a terrific way to bring this year to a close. Their address is 15600 Parkland Drive, Shaker Heights, Ohio 44120. You can also access their website or Facebook page to donate by credit card.

Please share this most meaningful project with your friends and former choral students. And, please share your memories with us!

To all of you who have already said "thank you" to Mr. Ellis, we thank YOU!

And, as Mr. Ellis would say to wish you a happy and healthy holiday and New Year, "The Lord Bless You and Keep You!"

Bonnie Lang

12/11/14 05:10 PM #11    

Marilyn Renee Lee (Grasso)

Hi Bonnie,  I liked your note about the holidays and the Mr. Ellis fund.  Because of the holidays I've got work coming  out of my eye balls trying to keep the gallery afloat.  I'm here most days and I'm still hoping we can get together down here in Little Italy.  I'd like you to see the gallery.  It is really beautiful and festive.  If I don't have to drive home in a raging blizzard I'm good for meeting up with you, 5 or 6 or 7pm depending if I have coverage for the store.  Wed and Thursday are the best days.  Wed actually is the best because I can leave earlier.  What do you say?  Paloma (aka

Marilyn Lee)

12/12/14 12:10 PM #12    

Gerald A Pearson

Very true about Marilyn's ("Paloma") Quetzal shop -  You gotta visit it (in Little Italy).  Then go across the street for lunch at Guarino's - the only true old Italian restaurant there.

12/13/14 07:07 AM #13    

Patricia Vail

Hi all - and Happy Holidays!  I recall a grand visit to Marilyn's several years ago now while in CLE.  We had a splendid time and bought lots of fun stuff - some, like the earring "tree" that I still use.  There are some silly photos around somewhere.  Bravo, Marilyn!

12/13/14 07:13 AM #14    

Patricia Vail

Note to Dennis - I would rather send a check through the mail to you if that is OK - should I just leave the payee section for you to fill in as appropriate?  It is a splendid thing you have done.  I can just see us as kindergarteners and first graders going to the end of year picnic there that our elementary school sponsored (Gracemont Elementary - Cleveland Public). Pat V

12/15/14 12:40 AM #15    


Dennis Safier

To Pat V and anyone else who may be thinking about contributing to the Carousel legacy...if you don't feel comfortable about sending cash thru the mail, just make a check out to me/or cash I'll do the legwork.



12/15/14 08:40 AM #16    

Patricia Vail

Super - it is almost in the mail, Dennis - thx for all you are doing! pv

12/16/14 03:09 AM #17    

Susan Jackson (Lee)

My check's in the mail, Dennis.  I can't let Pat V. get ahead of me!  I include $10 from my brother, Tom Jackson (class of '57.  He and I share great memories of Euclid Beach Park --- we had a great time remembering all the rides.  I still have an old recording we made there in a little booth with  -- "we are here at Euclid Beach and it is raining cats and dogs."  What a great childhood we had.  Thanks for helping to preserve it.  I'm looking forward to seeing it in person.    su (jackson) lee

12/16/14 06:58 AM #18    

Howard Irwin Passov

Hi Dennis, long time no see. I will send check to you and I think what you are doing is great. I'm in Fla. For the winter so I'll see you at the reunion. Have a great holiday.  Howie Passov

12/16/14 01:36 PM #19    

Patricia Vail

To SuLee - Hope you can make it to our FLA reunion during the winter.  You are welcome to stay w/ me here in Jax indefinitely.  Greetings to Tom. pv

12/17/14 07:58 AM #20    

Marilyn Renee Lee (Grasso)

I remember when Pattie Vail walked into the Gallery.  Besides Gerry, Jules Koach stops by several times a year.  The Soloway twins bought Jackets from Guatemala there.  Little Italy should be a basic stop for visitors and for 59ers to see Marilyn's Hispanic Folk and Fine Art Gallery.   12400 Mayfield Rd.  To make sure Marilyn's present call 216-421-8223 or cell 216-744-6734.  Changed my name to Paloma but I still answer to Marilyn.      

01/12/15 11:23 AM #21    

Peter C. Brown

I've just posted a note on Eric Carson's profile that I've been notified by the executirix of his estate that he died August 20 of an apparent heart attack.   I will miss his wit and wisdom.

03/08/15 04:11 PM #22    


Dennis Safier

I wish to thank all of you who have responded with a donation to the Euclid Beach Carousel legacy signage project I have proposed.  We now have enough money to purchase a SMALL sitting wall tile at the carousel.

Frankly, I am looking for some more contributions...form those who have yet to that we can have a better presence with a LARGER tile with the Class of 1959 on it.  Most people have sent either cash or check.

Please, those of you who have not yet participated, send your contribution to me:


Dennis Safier

1881 Winchester Road

Lyndhurst, OH 44124

The legacy signage piece will be in place well before our proposed reunion this summer and available for all to see at the Euclid Beach Carousel in the Carousel Pavilion at the Western Reserve Historical Society.  The building itself is well worth visiting and seeing.

04/15/15 07:14 AM #23    

Class Administrator

As our reunion time draws near, I would like to make one last plea for donations to the Shaker Heights Class of 1959 legacy signage piece at the Euclid Beach carousel.
We are very near to the next step (a larger presence) at the carousel, so, I hope those of you who haven't contributed yet could do so now. I would like the sign to be in place by the time we have our reunion this summer.
Just send contributions (cash or check, it doesn't matter) to me at:

Dennis Safier
1881 Winchester Road
Lyndhurst, OH 44124

07/03/15 12:05 PM #24    

Peter Marc Slavin

Dennis--I am reading these posts about a class tile at the carousel for the first time. Thanks for leading this campaign. How sad I was to learn that Euclid Beach was no more.  Is it too late to donate?--Peter Slavin


07/11/15 04:41 PM #25    

John William Leibacher

Best wishes to all at the reunion.    Sorry that I was unable to make it.

John Leibacher

07/12/15 02:07 PM #26    

Marilyn Leavitt (Crow)

Thinking of all of you who were able to participate in the 55th Reunion.  Sorry we couldn't be there - but hope everyone had a wonderful time!     Marilyn (Leavitt) Crow  - Atlanta, Georgia

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